Dzalisa Museum-Reserve



Dzalisa is one of the most important archaeological sites in the territory of Kartli (Iberia). In 1971-1990, archaeological excavations were conducted here and the city of ancient times was revealed. Remains of a palace and a temple, a bath with a floor from a mosaic, a complex of a temple-palace and others have been found out. The city is located in the present village of Dzalisi, in the Mukhran valley.



With the help of close cooperation with the Georgian National Museum, the goal of the archaeological mission was to evaluate and restore the mosaic of the frigidarium of the Roman temple of late antique time. The mosaic depicts figures and inscriptions of Dionysus and Ariadne. Due to the existence of the image of the deity - the patron of winemaking, on the land that is considered the birthplace of wine, and which still produces the best wine, the territory has a special symbolic meaning for Georgia.



Polychrome mosaic, which is the subject of the Italian archaeological mission, dates back to the 4th century AD and represents one of the oldest mosaic samples found in the Caucasus. Of the three halls of the palace, the floor of one of them is covered with mosaic. For today, the mosaic is closed and protected, its upper part is still covered with a sedimentary layer, biological deposit and residues from used adhesives during previous works.

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