Udabno (desert) and Sakinule (ice-cellar) – are the places which are located in Racha in the village of Nikortsminda, and represent sights of which Nikortsminda's residents are proud of. If you love the nature and for this beautiful sight are ready for descending within half an hour or an hour, then you should definitely visit these places. Udabno and Sakinule are situated on the same road, they are divided by only one turning from where one road leads to Udabno, and another to Sakinule.

Being in the middle of the wood, you can’t even imagine that somewhere nearby there can be such cave as Sakinule. It is a particular pleasure to be in the cave in hot summer days. Don't be surprised if on the way to Sakinule you have to take a warm sweater with you as the difference in temperature is enough for making you feel cold in the middle of August heat. There is a myth that some secret tunnels join the cave though this fact isn't confirmed.



As for Udabno - this place doesn't live up to its name at all. The main reason of why this green garden was called Udabno is that here the hermit had settled who built a temple. Nowadays only ruins have remained from this temple.



Udabno stands out by cold, transparent river which flows out from the arch cave, and the territory, adjacent to the cave, which is the guests’ favourite place for bathing. Udabno is a perfect place for spending the whole day here, making a picnic, bathing in the river, for resting under trees on a lawn. There are organized many tours and excursions to these places. In summer, residents of the other villages of Racha often visit the green Udabno with their families.  

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