Ananuri - the castle complex of the feudal period (XVI-XVIII centuries), located on the Georgian military road, on the banks of the Zhinvali Dam. The distance from Tbilisi is only about 70 km. Previously, this place was the main point of Aragvi Saeristavo (medieval territorial unit in old Georgia ). The architectural complex of Ananuri is one of the most important monuments of the late feudal era in Georgia. The fortress was used for both, military and spiritual purposes.


The castle consists of two main parts: the lower (XVIII) and the upper (Citadel of XVI-XVII centuries). After the fortress lost its function, its lower territory was occupied by the population. The ensemble includes Khevsureti tower, the churches of the Virgin Mary, "Gvtaeba" and "Mkurnali", the chamber and the bell tower. In the western part of Ananuri surrounding, there are three towers. The tallest and the most important one is the tower "Sheupovari".


On October 24, 2007, the Ananuri fortress was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

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