Lagodekhi State Nature Reserve


The Lagodekhi state reserve is located on the southern slopes of the main mountain range of the Caucasus. It was founded in 1912 by the Polish naturalist Ludwik Mlokosiewicz. The reserve occupies 19749 hectares of land, 12346 hectares of which are covered with forest, and the rest 5322 -are Alpine pastures. Nearly 2/3 of all Georgian plant species grow in the reserve. The forest consists of Caucasian hornbeam, linden, field maple, hazelnuts, ash tree, alder, chestnut, etc.



In order to expand the protected area and tourism development, in 2003, two protected zones were created – The Lagodekhi National Reserve and The Managed Reserve. As a result, the protected area of ​​Lagodekhi, has acquired an educational and recreational function as well. Today there are five breathtaking informative tourist trails in the managed reserve, named: “Grouse” waterfall, “Ninoskhevi” waterfall, “Machi” castle, “Black Rock Lake” and “Trail of nature discovery”.



At the exposition and exhibition halls of the administrative building, visitors can get to know safety rules, tariffs and to choose desirable route around the reserve.

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