Paragliding Svaneti

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Cloudbase Paragliding is a tandem paragliding club. Our pilots are trained and certified by Georgian Paragliding Federation. Cloudbase Paragliding offers tandem flights in different locations all over Georgia, flights can be performed during whole year



  • Flight location –Svaneti
  • Price – 250 GEL
  • Duration – 15-20 min
  • Season–May-October


* Note: Min. 10 persons group is needed for flights in Svaneti.


Useful information and recommendations:

Paragliding is extreme sport and of course there are some risks. Proper equipment, appropriate weather conditions and experienced pilots ensure that risks are mitigated to the lowest level. Preferable to wear sport shoes, long sleeved t-shirt and full length pants. For winter season – warm jacket, hat and gloves.Flight duration depends on flight location and weather. Important fact to consider - every pilot prefers to make your paragliding experience longer and unforgettable. Passenger doesn’t require to have any previous experience. Our pilot-instructor will give you short briefing before the flight

We provide GoPro video shooting with a selfie stick. You’ll receive the video of your flight via e-mail during next working day


Safety first!

Maximum passenger’s safety is top priority for Cloudbase Paragliding pilots. Our equipment fully complies with modern paragliding safety requirements. Every harness is equipped with the reserve parachute, which is checked every six months by the certified paragliding riggers. Every passenger is given a short briefing about launching and landing peculiarities. Our experienced pilots make sure that the weather conditions are acceptable prior to every launch. The flight won’t be performed if all safety conditions aren’t met. Every member of Cloudbase Paragliding is certified by Georgian Paragliding Federation.



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Paragliding Svaneti

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