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Winery Khareba owns an unique and rare wine cellar located in Kvareli, in the Alazani Valley. Carved inside the Caucasus mountains and opened in 1962 for the OIV World Congress, the cellar/tunnel is 7,7 kilometers long.


The best wines of the Kakheti region have been stored and aged here for decades. The tunnel preserves a natural temperature of 12-14° Celcius with a humidity rate of 70%; the ideal conditions for wine preservation.


Guests are provided with the opportunity to taste more than 40 kinds of Winery Khareba wines, bake their own bread, participate in Chacha making process, prepare "Churchkhela" (sweet peanuts and wine made georgian snack) make the "Mtsvadi" (local name for BBQ), participate in harvest and grape foot pressing.


Premium tour:


  • Tasting of 6 types of wine
  • Distilling chacha and tasting
  • Baking of bread in “Tone”
  • Dipping churchkhela
  • Grilling mtsvadi
  • Wrapping khinkali


Price – 70 lari



Beside the events included in the tour, you can purchase additional desired services during the ticket purchase process.



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Winery Khareba Premium tour

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