Sataplia Natural Reserve

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  • Location – Tskaltubo municipality, Village Banoja
  • Approximate time of visit – 1hr 20min
  • Sataplia sights– Dinosaur footprints, karst cave, glass bridge with panoramic view, museum, exhibition hall
  • Working Schedule – Every day , 10:00 –17:00


Buying tickets online will allow you to skip the queue and enter the territory without waiting. After the successful payment, you will receive tickets on the indicated email and in My tickets section of Profile. Arrive to the Sataplia visitor center before chosen session and show the e-tickets or printed tickets to the staff of the canyon and you will be able to enter the canyon.




  • Standart Entrance ticket – 17.25 GEL
  • Ticket for Georgian citizens/residents 8.00 GEL
  • Ticket for pupils – 5.50 GEL 


If you are willing to use additional boating service, you have to purchase entrance tickets beforehand.


Georgian citizens who are purchasing tickets with reduced price have to present their Identity Card or passport to the employees controlling entrance. Otherwise visitors with reduced price tickets will have to purchase Standard ticket at a cash desk. Entrance for children under 6 years is free.


Tickets can not be refunded.




Tskaltubo, Georgia
10:00 - 18:00

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3 reviews

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Aires 2019-12-09 12:54:11

Очень красивое место, завораживающий пейзаж с панорамного моста, а детям понравились инсталяции динозавров. Советую отправиться в Сатаплию с семьей, время пролетит незаметно.

თამარ 2019-12-09 13:20:59

მოხიბლული ვარ ამ ულამაზესი ადგილით ,ბუნებით .არაჩვეულებრივი გიდები გყავთ,ყურადღებიანი თანამშრომლები მადლობა თქვენ.

ნინო 2019-12-09 14:55:01

საოცრად კარგად არის გაკეთებული, ულამაზესი ზღაპრული გარემოა რომელსაც კიდევ ერთხელ მოვინახულებდი

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Sataplia Natural Reserve

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